Pasar Baru Trade Center

If you are shopping addict, definitely you must visit Pasar Baru Trade Center (PBTC) when traveling to Bandung. PBTC is a house for many kiosks that sell clothe, bag and shoes at low price even some of them wholesale their goods for retailers. they used to open from 8 am – 5 pm.

PBTC is located on Otto Iskandar Dinata street. You can find it from Google map with this GPS coordinate : LAT -6.917521 and LONG 107.604237. It has seven floors and they provide both elevators and  escalators for visitors to explore the floors.

I took a photo from 3rd floor so you can imagine what the building inside looks like.

pasar baru inside

Let’s see what they sell

The most item the sell  is clothing, such as T-shirt, batik (Indonesian traditional clothes), cloth, Moslem dress, any kind of women, men and kids dress, and so forth. The other items you can find are bags, shoes and food. Of course I can’t mention them precisely. It’s very hard to remember all goods except the food :). Just imagine, there have about 15.000 kiosks as reported by local government ! Do you believe it ? Is this  not a paradise for shopping junkies ?

Here are kind of few goods you can buy

The Food Court

Shopping needs energy to explore the kiosks and does make you hungry. Therefore you have to know the food court. The area is on 6th floor and the food is quite varied. You can find Sundanese cuisine, other Indonesia cuisine, Indian cuisine, etc. Take a look the video below

Few tips

1. Always bargain the price
2. PBTC is very crowded on week end, as you can see at the following video. It was taken on Saturday :

So, if it’s possible you better go on week days.

The Nearest Hotel

Following are the nearest hotel to Pasar Baru Trade Center :

1. Yakotel
. Kebonjati No. 17 & 19
Phone : (+62 22) 421 9338
GPS Coordinate : LAT -6.916266, LONG 107.601778
Distance : + 305 m
Website :

2. Fabu
Jl. Kebonjati No. 32
Phone : (+62 22) 422 4597
GPS Coordinate : LAT -6.916594, LONG 107.599487
Distance : + 535 m
Website :

3. Gino Feruci
Jl. Kebon Jati No.71-75
Phone : (+62 22) 424 8000
GPS Coordinate : LAT -6.916376, LONG 107.598769
Distance : + 617 m
Website :

Remarkable Indonesia

The following are some facts why Indonesia is an extraordinary country :

❶ The largest archipelagic state by having 466 islands including the small ones. This means if we stayed 1 day in each island then it would take 37 years to explore all the Islands

merauke - sabang

❷ The distance from Merauke in Indonesia’s easternmost island to Sabang island in westernmost Indonesia is 5,528 km which is equal to the distance from Tehran to London

❸The fourth longest coastline in the world: 95,181 km

❹The house for 1,128 tribes and 746 languages


❺Thousands of traditional food and drink

❻Abundance of Flora and Fauna diversity


❼The diversity Of beautiful scenery


Source :

Kawah Putih Ciwidey Bandung

Kawah Putih (White crater) is located 50 km south of Bandung. The GPS coordinate for the location is -7.165833, 107.401944. People interested in going there because of the beautiful natural landscape and the cool crisp air. Many photo studio using this place for a pre wedding photos because of its beauty.

How to go there

We recommend using your own car or rent a car because your schedule will be more flexible and in addition you will find a lot of beautiful scenery along the road so you can stop at any time to take photos.

Here are the routes that are often used to go to white Crater from Bandung:
Exit Toll “Kopo” > turn right into Jalan Kopo – Soreang > From Soreang you live leads in the direction of Ciwidey

Another way is to use public transport. Firstly you should go to Leuwi Panjang station. From there use the minibus which has route Ciwidey – Leuwi Panjang towards Ciwidey station. After arriving at the station, use the public transportation with route Ciwidey – Situpatenggang and stop in front of the entrance gate to the white craters.

The entrance ticket

The white craters ticket 2015 can be seen in the picture below

white crater ticket

Let me translate for you.
The ticket for locals is Rp. 18.000,-per person and Rp. 50.000,-per person for international tourists. There are 2 parking location, i.e. “parkir atas” and “parkir bawah”. The location of “parkir atas” is very close to the crater lake while “parkir bawah” is located quite far from it. For those who choose “parkir bawah” can use public transport, called “ontang-anting” for going up to the lake. The “ontang-anting” ticket for round trip is Rp. 15.000,- per person.

Ontang-anting. Source :

Things To Do

Not many activities can be done in that area. In spite of the beauty of its lake,  you’re not allowed to swim in because it’s a highly acid lake (pH 0.5-1.3).  The Lake is surrounded by forest but there is no adventure or nature tour available. Many people enjoy it just by looking at the so beautiful scenery and the fresh air to shed the fatigue, soothe the mind, or looking for a suitable spots to take some photos.

Tip: If you are not convenience in cold, you should wear a sweater or a jacket remembering the temperature in the area often comes down to 100C.

Bandung – Parijs van Java

Bandung is one of favorite tourist destination in West Java. You will see so many vehicles from other cities overwhelm on Bandung streets on the week end and holidays. Why do they love traveling to Bandung ? I’m sure there are two things, at least, which attract travelers to the city : the culinary, the highland scenery and the fashion (clothe, bag and shoes) industry.

Bandung does not have beach but has beautiful highland scenery around it. The locations are strongly recommended for nature, recreation and adventure tourism. Bandung is also one of the best place for culinary in Java. There are abundance food diversities, like Sundanese, Asian and European food. Last but not least, Bandung is convenience place for shopping tourism.

How To Get Bandung

Bandung is capital city of West Java province so that various kind of public transportation like bus, train and airplane has destination to the city. The nearest big city is Jakarta. The distance is around 150 km. It takes about 3 hours by bus or car in normal situation and faster by train or plane.

Things To Do

Culinary hunting. As I said before, Bandung is one of culinary paradise in Java. You will find many cozy restaurants in the city which are decorated with beautiful garden. Can you imagine how pleasant to eat delight food in the mid of beautiful garden? No ….?! You have to see this picture

bandung restaurant

One kind of food you must try when visiting Bandung is Sundanese food. The food consists of various cuisine but one thing that absolutely must be existed is Lalaban or Lalab.

Sundanese Food

As you see the picture above, lalaban can’t be separated with a kind of condiment we called sambal terasi or sambal balacan. The video below explains how to make it so you can figure out the taste

It looks delicious, doesn’t it? So, the Lalaban must be one of  your menu in Bandung. You’ll love it.

Scenery.  Bandung surrounded by mountains. That’s why there are many spots with beautiful view.  To enjoy the scenery, you need to go to mountain area, such as Lembang and Ciwidey. The locations have various tour and many hotels have been established. You will find many restaurants too and even some of them provide fishing pond where you can fish for your menu.

In addition to recreation tour, some locations provide campground, such as Ranca Upas – Ciwidey and Cikole – Lembang. You may rent a tent if you don’t have.

Beautiful Scenery
Beautiful Scenery

Shopping. Having many industries in clothing, bag and shoes, Bandung become one of shopping destination city. There are many stores that sells kind of items at low prices. I often meet some foreigners buy in bulk to be sold in their countries.

We will review more details regarding Bandung culinary, tourist spots  as well as shopping tourism at the future articles. However, if you need the information immediately please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll give my best to supply the information.

See you at the next post.

Tangkuban Parahu Volcano

Location and how to get there

It’s located 20 kilometers to the North from the nearest city, Bandung. There is no direct public transportation from Bandung to the place until now. Hence, the easiest way is to rent a car (and a driver) of car rental in Bandung. It’s easy to find it for Bandung has plenty car rental. However if you would like to skimp the expense, you may use a kind of public transportation called “angkot”. A route which has been established is start from Bandung train station. When you arrive, exit through north gate (kebon kawung street) then find angkot which has route Stasiun Hall – Lembang.

Here is the angkot :


Don’t forget telling to the driver that your destination is the intersection Lembang – Maribaya – Tangkuban Parahu. From there, use another angkot with route Lembang – Cikole. That car will bring you to the Tangkuban Parahu entry gate. The distance between the entry gate to the crater is about 4 – 5 km. You can go up by walk or add some money to the driver to bring you but don’t forget to bargain about the additional charge.

A brief information

Lying on ‘Ring of Fire’ area,  Tangkuban Parahu Volcano is one of many active volcanoes on Java. Surrounded by mountains, tea plantation, and pine tree forest, this volcano has a very special place for Sundanese. They have a story about this fantastic volcano. Shortly, the legend said that the crater of this volcano was an upside down boat kicked by a broken heart and mad young man who wanted to marry his own mother. Please read the full story here

Things To Do

This volcano is unique because we can hike and walk on its craters. According to local guide there, there are 2 craters that we can visit there. First, the Ratu crater. Right after you get out your car, you can see this awesome grayish smokey crater. Walk a short steps provided to see from higher point. Despite the prohibition to get down to it, this crater is  only 10 meter away from you.  Take pictures and walk around it. Buy local fruit like strawberry or blackberry, but please bargain the price first. Visit many little art shops and buy Tangkuban Parahu shirt or a set of ‘angklung’ (Sundanese musical instrument made from bamboo).

Tangkuban Perahu
The Ratu Crater

Second, the Domas crater. There’re two ways to get here but I suggest you ask local people there. Guides are available and helpful to make you get here but always ask and bargain the price before you hire him. Either ways you choose to get here, both ways give you a little hiking adventure in a green forest. You will love it! Your kids will too! You might be tired then but …  all are paid when you get there and step the crater. Yes, you can walk on it! Even more, you can soak your feet in hot water or scrub them with sulfur mud. The guide will suggest you to boil some eggs in hot water so you can eat them and have some energy to walk back :)

Domas Crater of Tangkuban Parahu Volcano
The Domas Crater


Go in the morning to avoid traffic jump, the crowd, and the sun heat. Don’t be hesitate to ask and bargain. Local people are nice and friendly even if they don’t understand English.

Bring raincoat or umbrella in the rain season. Put on your sneakers or comfortable shoes. You will walk a lot!